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Strandpaviljoen Paal 28

Situated between two natural areas, named ‘De Slufter’ and ‘De Mandenvallei’ you find the Northsea beach which is named ‘De Krim’.

This is the place where beach restaurant ‘De Krim’ once started as a small kiosk on the beach.

In 1959 the first catering business started at Paal 28. A wooden shed, converted into a kiosk formed, together with a bunker left from the WWII, a small canteen. 

The canteen was named ‘De Krim’. Where this name originated from is hard to say, as there are several stories about this name. We believe the most reliable one is the following.

In the early days, the dunes of ‘Eierland’ were only connected through a small sand-dike with the rest of Texel, a kind of peninsula. From the sea, the coastline had various similarities with a Russian coastline. The name of the Russian peninsula was also ‘De Krim’.

Some farms on the island carry names like Akiab, Nova Zembla and Sebastopol, who support this story.

Between 1959 and the here and now, there have been a lot of changes. The building had to endure many storms. The high sea level made plenty of dunes disappear through the years. The rebuilding of the restaurant, with thanks to our guests, has made us what we are today: a beach restaurant in the dunes which is opened all year around.

Our name has changed but has made us well-known: Paal 28.

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